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Finally I decided I need to put them somewhere!

With a little bit of patience you can do a lot

Sometimes though you go so far to see something and you dont quite get to see what you expected!

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Sunset in Cayman

Sunsets are never boring in Cayman just how many you can stare at without going blind Ive no idea.
Ive discovered the best sunsets have cloud, it doesnt have to be perfect skies to see the elusive green flash either. The trick is tog et the flash on film!
I guess this is one of the photos I took in April 2005 on our first vist to the Island that pursuaded me to stay a little longer!

Photo here is N. Scotland at Dawn May 31st 2003. The sun is rising out of the sea and is in full annular eclipse ..

Annular Eclipse Northern Scotland

Annular Eclipse  Northern Scotland
Dawn on 31 May 2003